Internet – good or evil (part 3)

We took my youngest brother to hospital on Wednesday 05.02.2020

Social media was the medium by which I heard he was ill. Despite living only 15 minutes away, we rarely see each other because he works nights. I was uncertain as to whether his illness was severe or minor and, since he hadn’t contacted me about it, I assumed it was the latter.

I called round to his house after attending a course on Autism. He didn’t look well and had lost a lot of weight. He hadn’t been eating properly for about three weeks because it hurt to swallow. The doctor had prescribed antibiotics and told him to make an appointment at the hospital for an endoscopy. He rang whilst I was with him and was advised he would be seen in two weeks!

I was very unhappy and didn’t think he could continue that way for another two weeks. I told him to ring back and insist on an earlier appointment – he wouldn’t.

The following day I received a text asking me if I was able to take him and his wife to hospital. His doctor told him to insist on being admitted and to be given an urgent endoscopy.

He finally had endoscopy – they found a mass

He has to have urgent CT scan

He’s still waiting

I discovered my older brother was ill in 2009 via Facebook. I have learned, via Facebook, that my younger brother is seriously ill. So perhaps the Internet is like a loaded gun – good in the right hands and bad in the wrong ones?

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