IMPROVE – the next steps!

Well I’m pleased to say I’ve improved on yesterday’s walk! Taking the children to our local nature reserve after collecting them from school and walking 9225 steps. It was really enjoyable watching the kids enthusiastically running ahead of us urging us to keep up. Such simple pleasures that bring joy to the heart and soul. 03-02-2020

A few of my favourite humans ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monday I was off to a great start but today the weather is very cold and wet and windy. I attended a course on autism and from there, I paid a visit to my brother who is currently very poorly.

We spent several hours discussing politics, religion, education and a few family issues. Very little time was spent discussing his illness. I could see as the time progressed he seemed more at ease and optimistic than I’ve seen him for some time. This, for me, is far more important to our mental well-being than walking 10, 000 steps today.

So today, I didn’t walk nearly as far as the previous two days. But I’m not going to berate myself or feel I’ve failed at the first hurdle as I have done in the past. I have to accept that sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that there are other people in our lives who need us; and consequently we become less self-focussed and worried about our own issues. I can improve on my performance tomorrow. Exercise is good for our mental health – but so is helping others. 04-02-2020

It’s Wednesday and I haven’t continued my exercise routine that began so enthusiastically on Sunday! I should have attended my dance class today but that went by the wayside also.

The reason for my lack of energetic attention is the fact I had to take my brother to hospital for urgent tests. His condition is deteriorating and I fear the worst…05-02-2020

3 thoughts on “IMPROVE – the next steps!

  1. Paula Wilding! (Sorry, Paula Reynolds!) Stop berating yourself for what you haven’t done this week and give yourself a big pat on the back for all you have done! You will have made a huge difference to your brother, I’m sure! Your grandchildren have all had fun with you and Peter this week too y the looks of your pics and I know you are there for your friend and her husband! (Sorry I have got my bossy head on but you would say the same to me, I’m sure! 😘) Take care of yourself Paula, looking forward to seeing you again soon! Lots of love! Xxxxx

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