Musical Influences

People say that certain songs or musical refrains often take them back to a memory in time. It could be a happy moment – perhaps a school disco or musical production. It could be a sad memory – a funeral or a break-up. Some music may remind us of people we love (or dislike) – memories of a bygone time indelibly imprinted on our subconscious minds forever.

I’ve noticed that, for me, music often makes me feel very sad even though I may be in a very happy mood.Suddenly, I’ll hear the first few notes and I’m instantly transported to a time, a place, a person and I am overwhelmed with a sense of deep sadness.

I love music. I love most musical genres from classical to contemporary. I play piano (not very well), I sing (not very well) I read music (not very well) I can remember songs, lyrics, melodies from my earliest childhood. Music has always been a major part of my life.

So you’re in a bar or in your kitchen and you hear the first few notes or a single chord that suddenly hauls you mentally and emotionally back to that place. The sounds, the smell, a physical transportation in space and time. You feel a conflagration of emotions that make you go from pleasant nostalgia to immense, uncontrollable sadness. You feel desolate, anxious, vulnerable and totally isolated. Its like watching a movie – and you’re in it! That’s when everything collapses and the pictures in your head fast forward and you want them to stop but they’re relentless in their intensity and technicolour and you squeeze your eyes tight shut. Please stop!

A scientific study suggests that music evokes 13 key emotions:

3 thoughts on “Musical Influences

  1. I can identify with this Paula but not to this degree of sadness and melancholy! You must have a lot of sad memories connected to music. I have a few of these moments connected to my dad who passed away at 49. Jim Reeves ‘Distant Drums’ comes to mind! Time we both went to sleep now methinks! 🥰🥰

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