Internet – good or evil part two ðŸ‘ºðŸ§–🏿‍♀️ lots of helpful ideas here!

Now I know why I’ve put off doing a blog for such a long time. The Internet definitely brings out the worst in a lot of people. I’ve been maligned, ridiculed and negatively criticised for daring to disagree with someone else’s opinion!

The Internet provides the bullies of this world with an endless supply of victims and the protection of complete anonymity. It’s just as well I am at a stage in my life where I’m able to deal with negative comments from the trolls; but I can fully appreciate how a younger, more vulnerable person could feel oppressed and desolate by comments made online.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has swept the world during the past decade. There is increasing evidence that the Internet and social media can influence suicide-related behavior. Internet use can cause more exposure to graphic content and lead to cyberbullying, in many cases over the past ten years cyberbullying has led to self-harm and suicide. (Marchant, Amanda, et al. “A systematic review of the relationship between internet use, self-harm and suicidal behavior in young people: The good, the bad and the unknown.” )

There are lots of websites, blogs and vlogs intended to help people improve their lives and achieve their full potential. Lots of memes floating around to provide us with positive mantras promoting mindfulness and wellbeing. There are many opportunities for good to be discovered and applied using the internet. We were informed at its inception it would provide us with a window on the world. Has it now become a window into the mind of every person who dares to make that first tentative tweet?

We really have opened Pandora’s Box and only Hope remains…

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