I am fighting depression!

I suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias, lupus, anosmia, spinal stenosis and hypothyroidism.

I wish I didn’t have any of the aforementioned conditions. I have worked full time for all my life so far. I have achieved some success in all of I have undertaken and I am ostensibly ordinary. Friends, family and colleagues throughout my life would generally consider me to be confident, extrovert, sociable, generous and relatively happy. (Those are the good attributes – I won’t mention the bad ones just yet!)

So why would I have any reason to be depressed? How on earth could I possibly feel anxious when I always exude such confidence? Phobias? I’m not afraid of anything!!!

Join me on my journey…

When I collapsed in a supermarket in 2009 I searched for help and discovered there was very little available – and often came at a cost. I bought the books, I searched the internet, I subscribed to sites that promised help. I tried CBT, counselling, meditation, medication, hypnosis, and psycho analysis.

I’d like to hear and share your stories. I know there are lots of us around. I know I can help.

4 thoughts on “I am fighting depression!

  1. I don’t believe I suffer from depression or anxiety but know someone who does. It is tough watching someone you love fighting the demons of depression and anxiety. It is even tougher not knowing, with any degree of certainty, what to say or do that might help. Hopefully this blog and contributions from those affected will begin a process of help and support for those that suffer and those that look on.

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  2. Sadly not everyone who has depression and/or anxiety knows they have it until something shakes their world to its core. Often people spend a lifetime ‘pulling themselves together’ without realising their life could be so much better. Depression manifests in many forms and guises often resulting in devastation for the individual and their family and friends. It is estimated that around 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression and that obviously does not include those who successfully hide it from public knowledge or the ones who think they are just ‘bad’ . Often they resort to substance abuse in its many forms.

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  3. So poignant! Back to the comparison of ‘Why should I be depressed and anxious?’ No-one should have to suffer in silence! I myself would like to be the someone who could help you to ‘knock one out of the loop’ and with continuing your blog Paula, you certainly are capable of helping others to do that!! Keep it up! 🤗

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    1. Thank you Janet. You helped me just a couple of weeks ago when you texted to see if I was ok. You continue to help when we have our sporadic lunch dates. You should start your own counselling business. 😊

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